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    1. The Guarantor certifies the good quality of the sold goods and grants the Buyer a warranty for its proper functioning. The purchased item (name, serial number) is described in detail in the Warranty Card.
    2. The warranty period for the products begins on the date of their issuance to the Buyer by the Guarantor and lasts for 10 (in words: ten) years from the moment of entry placed on this Warranty Card or the date placed on the receipt. A condition for obtaining the warranty is the registration of the product at www.masuriawild.com within 14 days of purchase.
    3. The warranty does not cover additional accessories.
    4. In case of detecting defects in the purchased goods, please contact the Guarantor - via email at service@masurialiving.com or by mail at the correspondence address FPH Blender, ul. Olsztyńska 5F, 14-100 Ostróda or through the form on the website www.masurialiving.com.
    5. Upon detecting a fault, the Buyer is obliged to report it immediately and transfer the goods to the Guarantor as quickly as possible. In specific cases, especially when minor and simple repairs are required, the Guarantor may provide the Buyer with a new part, which the Buyer will install in the goods, based on information provided by the Guarantor.
    6. The Buyer bears responsibility for further use of the defective product for a period of up to 30 days, which may cause additional damage to it. Such action means the Buyer's acceptance of the defect and will result in the loss of warranty rights regarding defects resulting from said defect.
    7. Defects in the goods revealed during the warranty period will be eliminated by shipping parts without defects, allowing for replacement within 14 days, in special justified situations – the term may be extended to a maximum of 60 days, about which the customer will be notified by the Guarantor.
    8. The condition for acknowledging a claim during the warranty period is filling in a claim notification and sending it to the email address: service@masurialiving.com or by traditional mail to the Guarantor's correspondence address. To execute the warranty, it may be required to deliver the product to the company's headquarters address with the duly filled Warranty Card (i.e., containing: the date of sale, the seller's company seal, the signature of the person issuing the Warranty Card, the Buyer's signature) along with the proof of purchase of the goods and a clearly marked complaint registration number.
    9. The Buyer covers the cost of shipping the claimed goods, and in the case of acknowledging the claim and warranty repair of the equipment, it will be covered by the Guarantor and sent at its expense, however not greater than the cost of shipping products on the Guarantor's website.
    10. When sending the claimed goods, the Guarantor recommends using the original factory packaging during transport. In the absence of factory packaging, the shipped goods must be delivered in a manner ensuring safe transport. The Guarantor is not responsible if due to improper packaging of the goods by the Buyer, the product is damaged during transport.
    11. The warranty period is extended by the duration of the warranty repair. The extension of the warranty period does not occur in the case of an unjustified complaint. The provisions of this point do not apply in the case of exchanging the item for one free of defects or making significant repairs to the item under warranty.
    12. Buyers are entitled, under the warranty granted, primarily to the right to free repair of the claimed goods. If repair is impossible or requires excessive costs, or if the Guarantor is unable to satisfy such a demand within a reasonable time, the goods will be exchanged for new ones - free from defects. The Guarantor ultimately decides on the choice of how to handle the claim.
    13. In the case of an unjustified report, the Guarantor may charge the Buyer for the costs of expertise, tests, and transport of the product.
    14. Any changes or amendments to the Warranty Card are valid only when accepted by the Buyer and when made by a person authorized by the Guarantor, confirmed by her signature and the Guarantor's seal.
    15. The Buyer bears the risk associated with the use of the goods. The Guarantor is not responsible for the loss of expected benefits and incurred costs, resulting from the use or inability to use the product under the warranty.
    16. The Guarantor is responsible for defects resulting only from reasons inherent in the sold product, while damages arising after its sale from other causes, especially:
      • damages resulting from incorrect operation, assembly, reconfiguration, maintenance, storage, or transport in a manner inconsistent with the safe use of products specified by the Manufacturer.
      • caused by random events such as fire, flood, war actions, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or as a result of damage not caused by the Guarantor, including chemical and mechanical damage, as a result of damages resulting from improper assembly or disassembly.
    17. Our products are made from natural materials, and as such, minor technological changes may be applied in some cases, which, however, will not affect the value, functionality, and application of the product.
    18. The warranty does not cover:
      • component parts of the product made of glass and wood including exotic wood,
      • LED diodes, bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and other sources of light that undergo natural wear,
      • mechanical damages and defects caused by them,
      • defects and damages as a result of which the price of the goods was reduced,
      • damages arising from not adhering to universal rules, using equipment contrary to its purpose, and other damages caused by the fault or ignorance of the Buyer,
      • signs of use and natural wear, such as: exposure to sunlight, fading, minor dimensional changes related to the natural reaction of wood to environmental conditions,
      • differences resulting from the individual settings of the Buyer's computer (color, proportions, etc.).
    19. The Buyer loses warranty rights in the case of the Guarantor's finding of the following circumstances:
      • any attempts at repairs, modifications, or structural changes undertaken by unauthorized persons or companies,
      • loss of the Warranty Card of the Goods by the Buyer. Duplicates of the Warranty Card will NOT be issued.
    20. This warranty in no way limits, suspends, or excludes the Buyer's rights in relation to the Seller from contractual and statutory claims.
    21. Wooden furniture, even if regularly subjected to conserving treatments, may be attacked by mold or fungi. In many cases, this problem can be remedied by cleaning and re-conserving with a wood preservative. Before covering furniture for storage, make sure they are dry.
    22. In matters not regulated by these warranty terms, the generally applicable laws apply.
    23. The above provisions do not apply to a Buyer who is an entrepreneur within the meaning of Article 431 of the Polish Civil Code.